Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the Incantation...

So Shannie is working (hard) at understanding the "Incarnation" which she calls "the incantation"  You know... the whole "God became man thing."     So we've had some neat conversations these past few days. the first goes like this...

Shannie:  "Mom, did you know that Jesus is really 3 people!"
Mom: "Yes! (surprised at this statement, she is only 4)  do you know what we call those 3 people?"
Shannie:  (eye roll) "Jesus, the Son, and the uncle"

Nice...  now Shannon's uncles are very important to her, so it would only make sense that they rank up there with Jesus in hero worship...  We'll work on that.

The following conversation happened the very next evening after dinner.

Shannie: "Did you know that Jesus had 2 dads?"
Mom: "Yes...." (always waiting for more, anytime we start with a question.... we end with something profoundly confusing)
Shannie:  "God and Joseph"
Mom: "right!"  (amazed)
Shannie:  "Were they married?"
Mom: "well no..."
Shannie: (gasps)  "they had Jesus and they weren't married."
Mom:  stuttering and my head is spinning. I'm not sure I'm prepared for all of these conversations...
Shannie: (staring at me for a long minute)  "Daddy, we need a little help in here."

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