Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on MLK

So, as we near the Martin Luther King Holiday I give you these words of wisdom from my sweet little Shannie.

Shannie: Mom, how can Dr. King be both a Doctor and a King?!?
Mom:  Well, Dr. King's last name is King.  What do you know about Dr. King?
Shannie: That he had LOTS of jobs.  He's the doctor of the Kingdom!
Mom: Do you know what Dr. King did?
Shannie: He shouted "FREEDOM" from the rooftops. (under her breath) but I don't know how people heard him up on the roof.
Mom:  That just means that he said it for the whole world to hear.
Shannie:  he must have a really loud voice.
Mom: Who needed freedom?
Shannie: I dunno, his friends?

 I'm so thankful that my daughter goes to a preschool where they talk about such things!  I am also so thankful that my daughter believes that Kings and kingdoms are an everyday part of life, and that freedom is such an abstract word for her!  in her universe the need for freedom doesn't even exist.  She doesn't understand selfishness, bigotry, racism, or fear.  She simply understands that people live in happy places, where working to hard (a doctor and a king) are the worst enemy, and that life is full of imagination and joy.

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