Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Kindergarten teacher...

Dear Kindergarten Teacher:
My kid is special, I know you hear that all the time, in fact I'm sure that every parent things their kid is special, the thing is...  mine is...  special... really special.  Her heart is bigger than you could even imagine.   Her compassion for all things is immesurable.  I know those words are used often so allow me to give you a few examples of my sweet daughter and what I pray happens in your care and loving hands.

Shannie is emotional.  She cries watching commercials, movies, and "The Voice."  she says things like "that lady was so happy it made me have tears."  or  "why did Baby Moses' mom have to give him away, I was so sad it made me choke."  Yeah, she's that kid.  So please be gentle with her heart.  She will feel everything you feel, every frustration, every mean word, and every friend that makes her feel yucky.  But the glorious thing about Shannie, is that she'll get over it, and she's no worse for wear.  She will duck her head for a few minutes, she will shed a tear or two, and then she'll move on as if nothing happened.  You see, Shannie is a forgiver.  In her very nature she's a forgiver.  She is "abused" over and over and over again by big grumpy dwarf (her brother)  she ALWAYS forgives and always gives him the benefit of the doubt.  Don't be fooled, her easy forgiveness doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt if only for just a minute.  Please give her a moment when she's sad, she just needs her privacy to gather the strength for forgiveness, you see she doesn't give it lightly, she means it... really means it.  I pray you honor her request for "alone time."  I promise it will work out in better that way.

Shannie is an expert at abstract art.  you only need to read my blog to discover the never ending possibilities of Shannie's creativity.  I know you must teach her to color in the lines, and to do "color   by numbers"but I pray you give her a blank sheet of paper and allow her to scribble her creations.  Her 5 year old brain cannot communicate to her 5 year old hands how to paint, draw, color knights, and castles and princesses and ponies, and unicorns, and aliens, and the infinite stories that these characters create for themselves.  So to you it may look like scribbles on the paper, to Shannie it's an imaginary world.

Shannon can answer any question you ask her. I know you are required to teach her to answer the question "like the book" or "fill in the blank."  I get that, I don't agree, but I get it.  I pray that you also ask her a million open ended questions this year, because you will get a million open ended answers.  Some will be silly, some will be serious, and most will be a beautiful window into her precious little soul.

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  1. I know from years of experience the value of having the answer to any question asked. It is one of my favorite Ouellette family trait and a gift that keeps on giving.

    Lots of Love
    G'Uncle Phil