Monday, October 22, 2012

I wrote you a note....

Yeah, that's what a million scribbles on a giant piece of paper means.  A note, a letter, or a list of things to do to make her "smile and dance."  Today the conversation went like this...

Shannie:  "Mom I wrote you a note!"
Mom:  "Thanks Shannie what does it say?"
Shannie:  "You know I can't read you'll have to read it to me."

*this is the part that causes the problem...  I have absolutely no idea what she was thinking when she wrote this umm...  note, so it continues...*

Mom:  "Dear Mom, thanks for making me breakfast and..."
Shannie: (interrupting)  "That's not what it says silly mommy."
Mom:  "Okay, what does it say then?"
Shannie: (rolling her eyes) "I can't read!"
Mom: (trying again)  "Dear Mom, today I had a lot of fun doing puzzles..."
Shannie:  (exasperated)  "MOM! that's not what it says!!"
Mom:  "Okay...  can you remember what you wrote?"
Shannie: (Almost in tears)  "Just read it!!"

Mom:  "Dear Mom, is that part right?"
Shannie nods.
Mom:  "Today I danced with princes and rode purple ponies through the wildflowers in the most beautiful part of the world.  (shannie nods)  I met fairies, and magical creatures."
Shannie: "only nice magical creatures."
Mom: "ok."
shannie:  "but there's more (pointing 1/2 way down the scribble page) right here."
Mom:  "on my way home I met a nice queen who traded me a sparkley horse for my purple pony, it made me very happy."
shannie: (nodding again) "and then we had dinner.  The end."
Mom: "Oh, I'm glad you remembered that part."

Shannie: "don't worry mom, I'll go work on another one right now."
Mom: "I can't wait."

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