Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hoochie What!?

So the littles and I were driving down the highway jamming to some Disney tunes and suddenly Shannie shouts (remember she rarely talks, SHE ALWAYS YELLS!!!):
Shannie: "Look at that hoochie momma!"
Connor snorts laughing (why he knows that that's funny, We will entertain another day) and I spew yummy Chik fil a lemonade out of my nose.

Mom:  "What's a hoochie momma?"
Shannie: "Look at that dog mom, it looks like hoochie Momma!"
Mom: (looking at the tractor trailer next to us in stopped traffic with both our windows open...)
         "honey that's called a chihuahua."
Shannie: "I know it's just like hoochie mama!"
Mom:  "Who's hoochie momma?"
Shannie: "It's my friend Alex's dog."
Mom:  "Are you sure they call it hoochie momma?"
Shannie:  "Acutally, I think it's name is poochie mama."

Mom: "oh, well that makes it all better."
Connor: "this is the best car ride ever!"

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