Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I just can't baby Jesus...

My house is over-run with Nativity scenes.  I have fancy baby Jesus, grown up Baby Jesus (you know the one where sweet chubby baby Jesus actually looks like a skinny serious adult), traditional Baby Jesus, Peruvian Baby Jesus, broken Baby Jesus (the one that got played with a lot to much last year), and this baby Jesus...

The thing I love about this baby Jesus is his inability to break, you can chew him (Shannie's done it), you can drop him off the 2nd story landing (he bounces)  you can feed him to the dog (apparently it wasn't so tasty) and this Baby Jesus can handle it!!!

Shannie's favorite thing about this Baby Jesus is his command of humanity.  Apparently this baby Jesus is more bossy than the others... as is testament to the conversation I overheard at my kitchen table this morning.

Shannie:  "Baby Jesus I just can't, even if you ask me to do it I just can't."
Baby Jesus: (said something very serious)
Shannie: (agonizing over the situation) "but Baby Jesus I just can't do it, don't you understand, it won't be good!?"
Baby Jesus apparently did not understand.
Suddenly a tussle took place between 3 wisemen...  in which apparently 1 wise man took a headfirst dive off the table.
Shannie:  "See Baby Jesus I told you it would end bad!"

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