Friday, November 2, 2012

Paying Bills is NOT fun...

     In the post-halloween insanity, I was hoping that my non-TV watching daughter might actually sit for a few hours plugged in, so I could pay bills and clear off the mess of coupons etc. I had accumulated over the last few weeks.  Not shy of 18 minutes (a new record) she was at my side...

Shannie:  "Mom, will you play Beauty and the Beast with me?"
Mom: (silent sigh)  "In a few minutes I'm paying bills right now."
Shannie:  "That does NOT sound like fun. (as if stating so would somehow make it more bare able)
Mom:  "It's not fun, but it's something we all have to do."
Shannie: (after the briefest of pauses)  "kinda like wiping your own poop?"
Mom: (stifling giggles)  "Yes, something like that."

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