Monday, November 19, 2012

Our new family member

We had parent teacher conferences this morning!  As expected: "Shannon is highly creative, Shannon is really good at playing with other children... blah blah blah. Shannon would be great at coloring if she stopped to focus on what she was doing..." Duh.

What was not expected was this conversation:
Teacher: "I didn't know you had another son."
Me: "Yes, I have a 7 year old, Connor."
Teacher: "Oh, I know Connor, I mean another son."
Me: "We aren't finding out the gender of the baby, maybe that's it."
Teacher:  "No, I'm sure Shannon said she had another brother named John who lives in Texas and is in high school."
Me:  "You must have us confused with someone else."
Teacher: (getting the family portrait picture from the "family book" that is on display in the classroom for the entire year) "I thought so..."  

She shows me the family portrait book, sure enough, there is a drawing of Shannie, her mom, dad, and 2 brothers, with names "Connor and John"   And in the "I'm thankful" book...  "I'm thankful for my big brother John who plays soccer with me."

The teacher and I had a good laugh, and the look on Shannie's face when confronted, was priceless.


  1. What did Shannon say about this?

    So, is John an "imaginary friend?"
    ... "who plays soccer with me"
    ... gotta love it !
    Or is this just her creativity working overtime?