Friday, April 26, 2013

What about that name?

Let's start with this one:
Lady at the library: "Wow! You had a girl, what's her name?"
Me:  "Millie"
Lady at the library: She smiles trying to recover from the weird look on her face that totally gave away her distaste for my baby's name. "Well at least she's cute"

This happens A LOT:
Cashier at Wal-mart:  "what a cutie, what's her name"
Shannie: "Millie"
Cashier:  That's my grandmothers name....  (followed by awkward silence)

Or how about this one:
Bank teller: "Oh it's a girl, what's her name?"
Me: "Millie"
Bank Teller: "you named her Mildred? how terrible!"

Yes, really all the above have happened (and some happen daily) since baby Millie was born.  We've started saying "Her name is Amelia, but we call her Millie.  We wanted to give her options when she grows up, but for now...we like to call her Millie."  This week, she's a crying kind of baby...  so we tend to call her "Millie Grace" more often than not.

Amelia is a family name (Will's mom's side)  and honestly we just thought Millie was cute.  It's making a comeback folks.. you just watch and see, we've started a new trend.

Technically Millie means:   industrious, striving, work, helper to the priest, bee, honey, gentle strength, brave strength.  She will need plenty of brave strength to be managed by her big over loving, never stopping sister.  and plenty of that gentle strength of have patience and speak softly to her anxious big brother.  But I think she can handle it! 


  1. I thought her name meant "Many Thanks" or "Many Blessings" from the latin/italian mille (thousand) and gracia (thanks/blessing.