Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What kinda baby is it!?

Amelia (Millie) Grace born March 4, 2013.  7lbs 13oz 19 and 1/2 inches long.  this is her.. (isn't she adorable all gooey and gross?)

Having a 3rd scheduled c-section leaves little surprise in the whole baby thing.  You have a date, a time, a name, monogrammed burp cloths a gender specific room with little wooden letters depicting his/her initials, and a closet/dresser filled with blue/pink clothes.

We decided that we wanted just a little bit of a surprise, and daddy wanted to share just a little bit in the process (you know more than.. woohoo a baby!)  So we chose not to find out what kind of baby we were having!   foot note: For any of you considering such an ambitious move...  be okay with having 4 outfits for the first week of life.  gender neutral clothing is virtually nonexistent.  At times it was terribly painful.   But I think my friends had a harder time with it that we did.  I often said it was a good thing we had to make the choice at 18 weeks not to find out... because if I had the option at 25 I totally would have caved.  But in the weeks leading up to her birth the excitement was so much fun!

The excitement in the operating room was contagious.  Not just for us, but for the OR staff.  They were taking guesses, placing bets and all around really enjoying this with us!  I get the lovely view of a giant blue curtain... so I was laying there listening to the music on the radio and hearing the doctors and nurses "do their thing."  The song changed to "This girl is on Fire" and I heard a strong cry and Will says "it's a girl!"  We all got a great kick out of that.

Since then this girl has definitely made a statement.  She's fussy, she's smiley, she knows what she wants, she's already a strong but loving little lady.  Shannie is thrilled to have a sister (more on that later) and Grumpy Dwarf is a little less grumpy and a little more Papa Smurf.  Welcome to the world Millie Grace!

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