Monday, April 29, 2013

wardrobe changes

A typical day with Shannie has one commonality: Wardrobe changes.

Outfit #1:  At breakfast, she kneels on her chair, reaches over her breakfast to put her blanket on the table (yes really, after being told 5 times/day for at least a year that blankets do not belong in the kitchen).  She slips, just a little and puts her elbow in her cereal bowl, flipping the just poured cereal onto her school clothes, and her treasured blanket.  

Outfit #2:  I arrive at pick up time to preschool.  All the other nice clean children greet their parents with hugs and "I had a great day..."  Shannie's always the last one out the door, (it takes a long time to cram all your "artwork" into you backpack and wrinkle it up really well)  She's typically panting, has her shoes on the wrong feet, the nice ponytail is half out and the rest is sticking up (I'm thinking glue accident)  and is covered with little paint/marker spots from her eyebrows to her ears, to the back of her hands, and of course her elbows (because she accidentally slipped into the paint tray).

Outfits #3-6:  Quiet time happens at our house about 2pm.  You'll find Shannie in her room with her door closed, her music blaring and the stomps, crashes and bangs of a dance party turned violent.  Typically she'll change in and out of dress up clothes 3-4 times during her quiet time.  each time throwing it into a heap in the middle of her floor.  When quiet time is over, it is customary to find Shannie in a princess dress, heels, a tiara and "marker make up" (how she smuggles markers into her room is beyond me)   If they princess is feeling feisty she might be dressed in a ninja costume with a sword and many... many "bad guys" (aka: stuffed animals, but not the pink ones) slain throughout her arena.

Outfit #7:  PLAY TIME!  Brother is home, the neighborhood is her playground.  Because dress-up clothes are inappropriate for cruising the neighborhood, she'd better find something to wear.  Today that is her angry birds Star Wars shirt and hot pink pants, pair that with a nice sparkley boot and you have the perfect neighborhood attire.  

Outfit #8:  Swim time!  Brother does competitive swimming, which means lots of time at the pool.  Shannie has specific swim outfits, not to hot, not to cold, ok to get wet, fun enough to impress her pool friends but not so big that it looks like she's trying to hard.  You know the type.

Outfit #9: With blankie fresh from the dryer, a full belly, and a clean body, it's time for the last wardrobe change of the day, Jammies.  Jammies are special at our house, sometimes you need "woolies" (aka warm footed jammies), sometimes you need pretty (dress jammies)  tonight she needed Santa Jammies.  "Because I'm excited like Christmas!"

Santa Jammies on, teeth brushed, "one more drink please" accomplished, books read, and a million kisses later, I gather up the clothes that make up the story of her day.  

Remember dear daughter, to live out your story each day, clothes are meant to be changed, lives are meant to be lived, and Christmas should be celebrated every day!

Remember dear mommy: Tomorrow, teach her to do her own laundry.

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