Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Big Sister Freak out

After what seems like months (okay it has been months) I have 2 free hands to actually type a Shanniegans post!  Baby Millie Grace joined our family on March 4!  It was a rather uneventful birth but I'll share the highlights for those of you who are into that kinda of thing over the next few days.

The weekend before:  We tried to set up our weekend just like every other weekend.  It started with Friday night pizza and movie night.  Shannie was a little off, stomach aches, whining... my immediate worry.. .what if she's sick!!  we are having a new baby in 2 days.. what if she's sick.. what if I get sick.. worse what if Will gets sick!!?!? (you see he the most important part of baby week... without him.. the entire thing unravels and I lie in a bed and cry)

Dad: "is something bothering you?"
Shannie: hiding her now tearing eyes and whispering "I'm nervous about being a big sister"
Dad: that's ok.. I'm nervous about having 3 babies
Shannie: "But Dad, I don't know how to be a big sister, I only know how to be a little sister!"

Then the uncontrollable tears started, down to the hiccups, and the not breathing and the snotting... yeah one of those girl cries that reaches into your soul and you just can't make them stop.  (ladies, I'm certain you can relate)  it all culminates with a giant stomach emptying mess.  also known as cry induced  puke.

After a nice long warm shower, the tears subsided.  She camped out in a giant mommy sized robe in front of the space heater.  Suddenly I overhear this sweet sensitive loving child of mine say "thank you God for giving me all the hot water for my shower, just to make me feel better."  Her gratitude is always humbling.

A little book time and all seemed ok.  I can TOTALLY sympathize with the pressure of being a big sister, it's a lot for a little girl to handle, but 2 months later I can tell you she's a great big sister, loving, generous, and over attentive.  (more on that to come)  If only I attacked each event in my life with such desire for perfection.


  1. How absolutely precious. Millie Grace is a blessed to have a big sister like this to lead by example. Thanks fr letting us peek in on your world.

  2. That is so SWEET!
    She just makes me laugh and cry all at once. :)