Friday, August 24, 2012

"I'm gonna luv that baby"

"I'm gonna luv that baby!"

"That baby" to which Shannie is referring is "our baby."  The upside down picture below proves it.  (can you see... it's a baby in case you are, like me, completely clueless at the art of photographing microscopic miracles).  As a side note, it's also clear that I am completely clueless about the art of cropping and rotating pictures, I'll get there, have faith!

We are thrilled with the new addition to our family, and no one more so than Shannie.  She is beside herself with joy. Everyone in the state of Kansas certainly knows of our family situation.  Shannie is not shy, she's shared it with the neighbors, the neighbor's dog, the checkout clerk at the grocery store and the nice grandmother in the bathroom.

So say a few prayers for a healthy little Lehman and a patient mommy.  March is FAR AWAY and we are not very good at waiting for beautiful things!


  1. fantastic news!!! very happy for all of you, especially Shannon. God is good, all the time... love, dpat :)

  2. Stupendous! :). Best news of the day! Congrats!