Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Just the Essentials"

"Just the Essentials"

When we first moved to Kansas City we lived in a sweet little hotel for about 6 months while we were waiting for our house to sell.  There's a lot of great stories from our "hotel days" that I'll share over time by this one happened not soon after we arrived.

Daddy had just secured us a weather radio, we figured since we now lived in Tornado Alley we should have such a thing.  Suddenly the weather radio beeps, all ears perk up and the announcer says something to the effect of:
 "severe weather is heading your way (not our way we soon learned but somebody's way), please gather up your essentials items and head to the basement of lowest level of your home away from any windows and doors... blah blah blah."   As daddy and I discussed our options, nervous dwarf hunkered down in the bathtub with a book,  Shannie gathered up her essentials.  Really what more does a girl need?

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