Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marble Poop aka. the Elusive Marble - Part 2

I think I left off with *** The hours passed*** but the marble did not...
Let's continue from there...  the hours/days past also.  I believe I updated my Facebook status like this:
"t-minus 16 hours... still nothing to report" and so on and so forth.

So early Tuesday Morning we are preparing to leave the house on the way to the airport, I had prepped the children with what to say when the alarm goes off, I was armed with a picture of the elusive marble, as well as the package information for the TSA agents so they would (hopefully) not think my daughter was carrying ammunition in her small intestine (at least that's where I hoped the elusive marble was at this exact moment).

Dear husband drops us at the front door (no he's not heartless, it's a really weird airport and it would have been a lot more work for all of us if he had walked us in).

"Does anyone have to go potty?"  - Me of course, who else says "potty?"

"Not me.... not me..."  - echo the children who will actually have to go "potty" moments after we sit out butts in the tiny seats on the airplane and have to maneuver all three of us into the airplane bathroom because "Nervous dwarf" won't go to the bathroom alone in a strange place nor will he remain alone in his very luxurious airplane seat.

"Too bad, let's all try" - Me, of course, the always ahead of schedule so I have time to think about the dreaded 1/2 stall airplane restroom.  (that was all a lie, dear husband is the one that thought of that particular situation and I am ever in his debt!)

   "Not so nervous right now and I really don't want to go in the bathroom with the girl picture on it so I'll be brave dwarf" goes in the men's room (I share these details not so you criticize my poor parenting in letting my 7 year old use the airport men's room alone, but more so that you understand the hilarity of the situation).   Shannie and I trudge into the ladies room.

**** and the minutes pass***

After 2 checks on the brother waiting patiently as close to the "girl picture" as he could get without actually having to say he went "in the girls bathroom." I finally said "come on Shannie it's time to go"
all of a sudden...  PLINK!!!

WAIT DON'T FLUSH!!! I scream from outside her stall door.  

Shannie starts screaming "MARBLE POOP MOM!  over and over and over again, obviously paralyzed with joy because it took her at least 15 minutes to open the stall door.  By that time the innocent elusive marble had made it's way down the commode.  *Sigh*

After a brief interrogation, Shannie assured me that it was in fact marble poop and now those mean people won't ask her lots of questions when the alarm goes off... right!?!  

"giggling dwarf" couldn't contain himself when we exited the restroom, he said the whole terminal heard Shanning screaming MARBLE POOP! and people were actually laughing as they walked by the bathroom.  Kansas City International... you are welcome!

So, I bet you as dying to know what happened through security?

We sent the marble free girl in first... HORRAY!!!  she was dancing with joy.  I was next because her dancing is rather dangerous and I feared her smacking her head on the X-ray machine.  Clean as a whistle.  Finally "once again nervous dwarf" who was barely able to walk he was so nervous that his socks would go off....  beeped as he went through the machine.  the look on his face said it all.  "nervous dwarf" has the worst luck.

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