Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Let's make the world better, come on...   

Oops I forgot my lipstick"

So the dwarf's favorite song (side note: it's ironic that I call him a dwarf because he's actually a giant.  not a literal giant of course but he's one tall little man) says "we are young, so we'll set the world on fire..." or something like that, pretty sure I've only heard the kiddos version, which is often as distant cry from accurate.

Shannie loves singing the song, but she was definitely sure that she did not want the world to catch on fire.  (side note: someday I'll post a video of Shannie's "singing" it's best described as a cross between a cry for help and a very  terrible stage performance.  It often include dancing, flailing arm movements and inaudible lyrics.  It's quite endearing... really!)

yes, lipstick
So we are having spa day (patience, that's for another day) and she asks me why the kids want to catch the world on fire?  So, I eloquently explained what I thought the song (that I had never heard beyond the lyrics previously posted) was actually saying.  

Mom:  "Shannie that's saying that kids have so much goodness in their hearts they can change the world if they want to!"
Shannie: (not yet understanding that "changing the world" was a good thing, her world is pretty good)  was horrified!
Mom:  (wishing I had kept that though inside my head) "I mean that kids can make the world better! They are helping set the fire of the Holy Spirit on the world to make it better."  (mom pats herself on the back, theology and motivation in one fell swoop, WINNER!)  
Shannie: (not missing a beat) "ok, let's make the world better, come on..." (and she runs out of the bathroom, completely naked and throws open the front door)

***Queue not surprised neighbors who have seen this girl in all her glory on numerous occasions***

Shannie:  (To no one in particular, and with extreme exuberance) "OOPS I forgot my lipstick!" and she runs back in the house.

*** Queue giggling neighbors who pass on the call to CPS for one more day***

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