Friday, May 3, 2013

Do ghosts have armpits... and other one liners...

Below are just a few of the great Shannie one liners that we hear all day long...  None of them are long enough to make a full post out of but I hope to grant you a little window into the soul of this precious child of mine.

Shannie:  Do Ghosts have armpits?
Mom: What would ghosts do with armpits?
Shannie: Scratch them of course!

Shannie: What's a party pooper?
Mom: What do you think a party pooper is?
Shannie: Someone who poops on the floor at a royal ball.
Mom:  Well, there is that.

Shannie:  excuse me, I farted
Mom: Shannie we don't say those words, especcially at the dinner table.
Shannie:  What! I'm just being a truth teller!

Shannie:  What!? no pandora in the car?
Mom: We don't have internet in the car.
Shannie:  Man, I wish I would have packed my ukelele.

Shannie:  How do you make peace on earth?
Mom:  By being nice to everyone you meet
Shannie:  no, I mean with my hands.
Mom: Oh you mean like this?  (flashes the peace sign)
Shannie: Of course (eye roll)

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