Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Game night

Papa Smurf (formerly known as grumpy dwarf) LOVES to play games.  Husband says it's my fault. We play cards while waiting at the doctors office, we own 4 different types of monopoly.  we have an entire closet dedicated to board games.  It's a Lehman family addiction (ok... all of us except Husband, he's not so much a fan)  So on this particular night we were playing a random game that we got in a Wendy's happy meal a few years ago.  In it, you have to accomplish certain tasks in order to progress to the next stage (think Cranium for kids).

They started off pretty easy, go find 10 items that are blue. So the table in littered with a blue folder, paper clip, bowl, toy dog, hair bow... you get the picture.  
Brother needed to make a cameo
Next:  name 3 things that start with the first letter of your first name, Connor:  Christmas, Caterpillars, Canopies.  Shannie:  Sister, Sugar, Sweat

Then perhaps the most fantastic question ever asked of an 8 and 5 year old in the history of gaming:  "Yell out 2 things you are great at."

Connor:  "Spelling and Math!"  (he's an academic masterpiece, and knows it)
Shannie: at the top of her lungs and dead serious "Squirting Ketchup and putting on panties!"

The boy and I fall into a heap of hysterical laughter, and the game abruptly ends.  There is nothing that can even compete with that.

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