Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is It hair washing day?

 I'm certain the original transcript of Genesis read "on the 6th day all 5 year olds washed hair, and it was torture."  So on the 7th day, God rested.

"Is it hair washing day?"  is the daily question around bath-time.  If its not hair washing day, she throws a party.  literally there are 8 Barbies, a boat house made from a bucket, old shampoo bottles, 3 different kinds of hairbrushes, watered down conditioner to aid the barbie brush-a-thon, boats, cars... you name it it's in the tub.  She could (and has) spent hours in the bath tub.  But on hair washing day, the merriment is gone.  There is no fun, in fact the anxiety level is so high I even want to cry just thinking about having to wash Shannie's now matted, crusty, paint colored, food caked hair.  I know what you are thinking, we should seriously wash her hair more than once a week.  Yeah...  you'd think so, I challenge you to take on that battle, and see what kind of scars you leave with... then you are allowed to judge.  Until then... zip it.

Shannie: Is it hair washing day?
Mom: It's Saturday, it's hairwashing day.
Shannie: just a little whiny "but I don't want to wash my hair"
Mom: Tough, you have to. I know, I know, not at all helping the situation
Shannie: a little more whiny  Can I play first?
Mom: Nope, if you wash hair without screaming/yelling/fighting/water squirting...  then you can play when we are done.
Shannie: crazy whiny now Please, just for a minute
Mom: standing my ground no, let's get this hair washed

all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, screaming, the kind that make you ears bleed yelling, kicking, more screaming, it was terrible.  So mom, in all my shining glory, grabs that squirming, yelling screaming then 4 year old, and steps fully clothed into the shower.  She was so shocked, she stopped everything and just stared at me.  I was furious, and wet.   I wasn't careful of her "ears" I didn't do the special cover her eyes so the soap doesn't run in them, I didn't even give her a towel when she fussed about the water in her face, I just held that girl and gave her the fastest, messiest hair washing of her life, wrapped her in a towel and put her in bed.

I would say it rivals shannie in impulsivity.  But to this day, it's a great story, it makes us both laugh, and it's a good "threat" when the whining and fighting begins to escalate.  Husband says sometimes it's pays to show off a little crazy, I think in this case...  perhaps it did.


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  2. It was the same with Beth when she was Shannie's age. This one day I had threatened to drench the entire bathroom with the hand held shower if she didn't get back into the tub to rinse out the shampoo. We came out of the bathroom after Armageddon, to find Mary Platte standing outside the front screen door. She had come to deliver the St Clement photo-directory and welcome to the parish packet and had obviously been standing there for some time. We knew each other from pre-school (her daughter was, of course, angelic). I don't know how we avoided protective services.
    Love your stories,
    Aunt Denise
    I tried to change my name from Computer Resources but couldn't figure it out.